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  1. A most wonderful phenakistostrobe: designed and handwired by Richard H. Wyles in 2005
  2. - please email for the schematic.
  3. Cool Art LED Art
  4. For best results, keep the disk nick free, clean the mirror, use a "Gentle" twist to start - do not let the disk wander on the mirror...With a steady hand and a little practice you could beat the current spolling-time record (Vide infra).. Rest the mirror-base on a hard and flat table..for those perfectionists, you can buff / polish your edge and get longer spins. Reference this event (1) in an email to receive information for more dramatic effects.
  5. It has been mentioned that the Sound Editing Team (who won the Academy Award 2002) for the movie Pearl Harbor used Euler's Disk for sounds during the movie..can you hear the disk..the disk was shown briefly during the awards..
  6. Several famous physicists have an Euler's Disk..Stephen Hawking was on the list for 2006..
  7. Professors eligible for a free, demo Euler's Disk need to order with the code-key.
  8. A movie titled, "SNOW CAKE" featured Euler's Disk - released in late 2007.
  9. There is a new box out with more physics notes for teachers (see the physcis tab).
  10. Euler's 300th birthday was in 2007...the Technorama/China hosted a 300th Euler event.
  11. The current record for an out-of-the-box spoll is now from Patrick Minnick (Carlsbad, CA) who now holds the current (www) record at 4'14" (spin start).
  12. ~A few prototypes from 1992
  13. Travels with Euler (3 problems from a set of 20) coin problems.
  14. Euler's Disk movies...Triad...send in your favorite...Square